Scorpion Helmet Great Option for Budget Riders

Scorpion Exo® remains among the finest manufacturer of motorcycle helmets along with other protective equipment. These were planning to provide motorcycle riders with higher quality products though budget cost. Getting their unique factory setup in China, Scorpion Exo may have complete control within the manufacturing process, including (whilst not restricted to) fiberglass/Kevlar and polycarbonate covering molding, liner manufacturing and sewing, setup, packaging and shipping. Along with your control, they may produce high quality helmets along with other gear without significant cost boost.

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Scorpion helmet is generally tough and extended-lasting. Along with your mind gear that’s designed and engineered with a few in the top helmet makers, you’re sure to have minimal risk in your thoughts injuries while on the highway. Scorpion helmets are Us us us dot certified, meaning it passed numerous test by set using the Us us dot (in U . s . states . States). Us us us dot certification is most likely the aspect that riders will want to look at when selecting mind gear.

Scorpion helmets can be found in the $ 100 to 300 dollars range, with Scorpion Exo 100 while using $ 100 area, while Exo 900 and Exo 1000 sitting near the 300 dollars area. Such cost range might actually be cost range, evaluating along with other brands of helmets. Therefore Scorpion helmets are actually ideal for budget riders.

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Highlights of Scorpion helmets:


The Scorpion motorcycle helmets have some of nice features. To begin with, these helmets look really awesome. Several of these helmets start adding some nice graphics, which can make you peer good when riding through some roads at downtown area.


Also these feature EverClear no-fog faceshield. Not to imply they are not likely to fog up whatsoever, nonetheless the limited fogging will certainly not affect your eyesight when riding. You may even switch the faceshield in the helmet, with whether dark color glass for riding on the planet, or maybe a apparent glass for night riding. It’s claimed that anybody can rapidly swap the faceshield within 10-seconds or fewer. It’s named the SpeedShift quick-change shield system.

There’s in addition a distinctive features while using the faceshield within the snow helmets: the home heating along with a dual pane shield. With warming, you can connect an electrical cord out of your helmet for that snowmobile to warm your faceshield, that may usually eliminate any fogging issues. Dual pane avoid fogging by using double-layered shield. As fogging happens each time a shield is cold somewhere and warm however, dual pane system insert a layer of air relating to the cold shield and warm shield and thus fogging issues may be eliminated.

Ventilation system

Scorpion full-face helmets also sport adjustable ventilation systems. You can adjust the sum you possessed effortlessly, despite mitts on. Therefore, in several places and you will uncover huge temperature among night and day, you will still manage to ride within the comfortable temperature.


The liner and oral cavity pads can absorb moisture within the helmets, which makes it very breathable when putting on one. The liner and oral cavity pads can also be fully removable, you can wash all of them washer. Therefore there won’t be any worry within the helmets getting smelly over time of usage.


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