Everything You Need to Know About Used Auto Parts

About every twenty years or so, a new generation of Americans emerges, and among this new generation there is a certain number who don’t know anything about used auto parts, where to buy them, why to buy them should buy etc. And so this new generation article is just what you need.

New generation, this is for you!

Where to buy used car parts?

There are several ways to buy used car parts. Your first option is to go online. There are some national companies that sell used parts through their online stores. It’s as simple as filling out a short form, clicking send, figuring out how long your shipment will take, paying and waiting for the shipment to arrive.

Your second option is to buy used auto parts There is a main player in the game; you can buy used parts if you live in one of the cities where physical retail store.

Finally, you can shop in person at any of the 55,000 junkyards scattered across this country’s countryside. If the part you need is not in the junkyard, it can be found for you, ordered from another junkyard and delivered to your city
Which of these methods is best? Of course we like to buy in person as we are a junkyard. We simply prefer face-to-face interactions between employee and customer and believe that once a relationship is established there is more confidence in a face-to-face transaction than online with a faceless company, but that is purely opinion and preference. .

Does it make a difference in terms of price and warranty? Probably a bit, depending on the company. Look for the best possible guarantee. For example, our Us Auto Parts location offers a 90-day warranty on all used parts, which is the best in the business, and our prices are typically at least 40% cheaper. These standards at least give you something to compare yourself to.

Why would you buy used rather than new car parts?

This is always the first question we get, and the first answer is always cost. A saving of 40% on spare parts is enormous in economically difficult times. The DIY movement is alive and well because many people need to save money on car repairs.

The other big reason is doing a good deed for the environment. Every used car part sold means a new car part that does not need to be manufactured and that means savings on the environment, energy and raw materials. In a fight to save the planet, anything goes.

Buying used auto parts isn’t for everyone, but for those who find it useful and affordable; the good news is that you have plenty of options.


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